Best Artificial Grass for Backyard – A Buyer’s Guide

Best Artificial Grass for BackyardFeeling tired of watching your dry and dead backyard or feel unmotivated to mow and water the lawn regularly? Do not worry! Artificial grass is the perfect answer to all your backyard problems.

Artificial grass is synthetic grass, precisely like natural grass in texture, color, and looks. What makes it the best option for your yard is low maintenance, and a lurid green appearance throughout the year with no shady spots.

While the idea of artificial grass might have answered most of your questions, you may still get confused while choosing from a wide variety of synthetic grasses in the market. We have discussed some of the best artificial grass for backyard below to make it easier for you.

Reviews of Best Artificial Grass for Backyard 2021

So, we’re going to be reviewing three best artificial grass for backyard , factors you need to consider before making your decision, and then answers to some of your questions.

Weight (OZ): N/A
Backing: Polyethylene
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Pet Grow Artificial GrassPET GROW Pile Height: 1.37"
Weight (OZ): 70
Backing: PP+PE
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Savvygrow Artificial GrassSAVVYGROWPile Height: 1.2"
Weight (OZ): 50.1
Backing: Rubber
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1. Goasis Lawn Artificial Grass

best artificial turf for backyard

With a 1.38-inch pile height has 136 different color tones infused in it to make it one of the most eye-pleasing artificial grass on the market.

Multi Blade color tone makes it perfect for you backyard giving a natural and organic look.

Having a 10-year warranty, GL artificial grass comes up in strips of different sizes. The strips can be of sizes starting from 1 x 23 to 13 x 82.  These strips make it easy to install the grass on your lawn.

What makes it unique?

While the qualities mentioned above might be the same as others, what makes GL artificial grass unique is its ability to resist UV radiations from the sun. It will be perfect for your backyard if it receives direct sunlight.

Thus, a product resisting the UV light will be less faded out with time and ensure a more pleasing look for your backyard.  In addition to this, GL grass offers rubber backing for better adherence and water drainage holes to get it cleaned and dried out more easily and quickly.

  • Rubber Backing and Water Drainage Holes
  • Offers UV Rays Resistance for at least 8 years
  • Ease of Installation
  • Not Suitable for Small Yards


best synthetic grass for backyard

PET grow artificial grass is one of the finest artificial grass in the market.  With its 1.37-inch turf height and 70 oz. weight per square yard, thick and high-density artificial grass ensures the safety of your children in case of falling.

With its 4-tone mixed green color appearance and texture of real grass, it gives a wonderfully aesthetic look to your backyard.  Apart from backyards and lawns, it is also suitable for use in balconies, Roof, swimming pools, and Football fields.

With 10 years of warranty, you can trust this product for durability. It is weather-resistant, water, and dirt-resistant, making it durable and fade resistant.

What makes it unique?

One of the most appreciated feature is its ease of installation. The rolls are not much heavy to carry and can be installed in any area.  Pets love this artificial grass.

  • Easy to install (Suitable for DIY Project)
  • Very Thick and Soft Texture
  • Highly recommended for People with Pets
  • Not Recommended for Indoor Usage


best artificial grass for backyardSavvygrow deluxe is one of best synthetic turf in its category that can help you solve your backyard problems. It has a blend of four colors to come up with a more realistic and aesthetic look for your backyard.

Its 1.2-inch pile height and 50.1 pounds weight serves as a soft surface under the pet paws and is nontoxic and environment friendly.

Like other artificial grasses, it is resistant to weather, fire, and corrosion, which can help you achieve a longer duration of freedom from backyard problems.

Fitting to its purpose, it is easy to clean and needs low maintenance. It has drainage holes and can be washed and dried very easily and quickly.  There is no accumulation of smells.

What makes it unique?

While all other features may be the same as the items described above, the standout and most praised feature of Savvygrow deluxe artificial grass is its appearance and texture, making it very difficult to differentiate between natural and artificial grass.

  • Gives Organic Look
  • Easy to Install and Maintain
  • Environment Friendly
  • Gets Hot soon during the sunlight, which may be unsafe for pets.


The products mentioned above might have given you an idea about that perfect artificial grass for your backyard.

All listed products are arranged accordingly based on their ease of installation, durability, and safety of pets. So look into them and see what suits your need.

If you live in hot climate and your backyard comes under constant sunlight, then GL artificial grass is perfect for this kind of environment, whereas if you are looking to start a DIY project for your backyard then PetGrow PG 1-4 with its ease of installation is the perfect candidate. If you live in area with less sunlight then there is no match for SavvyGrow Deluxe, it is the most organic looking synthetic grass available.

This article only covers list of best artificial grass for backyard, Moreover, if you wish to see synthetic grass that is suited for other areas of application as well, then do check Best Artificial Grass reviews.

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