How long does Artificial Grass Last and the Factors Effecting its Life Span

how long does artificial grass last

These days we see that people choose to have artificial grass installed rather than going for the natural one. Often this is due to the advantages that come along with having artificial turf at their homes or commercial establishments.

One of the common questions that people have pertaining to this type of grass is how long does artificial grass last. Below, we try to answer this question in the best possible manner considering the various factors that affect the longevity of the artificial grass.

Quality and Backing of Artificial Grass

If you have a question on how long does artificial turf last the simple answer would be that it depends on the quality of artificial grass and backing first. As you may have seen, there are various types of artificial grass that is available for you to have installed.

Nylon grass would last much longer than the polyethylene or polypropylene variants. However, the fact remains that the cost of installing can be relatively higher when compared with the others. This is because of the higher quality of nylon grass.

The two separate layers of the backings that the artificial grass has also has a massive role to play. If the two backings are of higher quality, the artificial grass installed in your place has a higher chance of having a better longevity.

Artificial grass lifespan is directly proportionate to quality of turf and backing.

Installation of Artificial Grass

The quality of installation and application area also plays an important role in determining how long does fake grass last. Indoor installations last much longer than outdoors ones. This is due to the exposure to the sun, weather, and pollution factors.

Having an artificial turf installation of the highest quality would mean that it lasts longer than usual. Moreover, it is always important to consider the heat from the sun, pollution, dust, and other factors before you can determine the longevity.


While some people choose to have synthetic grass installed in their lawns while others prefers to use it indoors. Some people barely use their lawn or backyard. Indoor artificial grass would have more exposure to human and pet use.

Therefore, artificial grass installed indoors would relatively last less than the one that is installed outdoors. You can select separate grass for indoor and outdoor installation to ensure that you get an even longevity.


Although the maintenance comes last in this list. It has a major impact on how long does artificial grass last at your place. There are three different ways to clean your fake grass and to ensure that it remain in top shape.

Using a broom, hose cleaning with water, and spot cleaning areas with spills. If you choose to use these three methods to clean your artificial grass you can be assured of its longevity.

Every product have their preferred maintenance requirements. Therefore, you should select which method is suitable for your type of installed synthetic grass.


You would be surprised to know that your artificial grass could last anywhere between 10 to 25 years depending on the above-mentioned factors. So, having top quality, a good installation, and regular maintenance can let the artificial grass last as long as you wish.

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