How to Join Artificial Grass

How to Join Artificial Grass

The seamless installation of artificial grass cannot be complete without the process of joining artificial grass together. You must understand how to join artificial grass to create a nice smooth surface.

If you are applying artificial grass in a small area, then you may not go through this process of joining artificial grass as the size of turf will easily cover the whole area.

Joining artificial grass is a straightforward process. If you are doing it as a home DIY project, then this guide will help you.

Steps Involve in Joining Artificial Grass

Here is the list of steps that will show you to how to join artificial grass.

Step 1: Collect Tools and Materials

In this first step, you have to collect all the tools and materials required while joining artificial grass.
Tools Required: Stanley Knife and Adhesive Gun.
Materials Required: Artificial grass Joining Tape and Artificial grass glue.

Step 2: Prepare the Join

To join two artificial turfs together, ensure that the pile is running in the same direction. Now Fold-over by 300-400mm along the length of both joining, for perfect seam cut 30mm from each side to ensure perfect join.

Step 3: Unroll Artificial Grass Joining Tape

Roll down the joining tape along the center-line of join. Make sure that the shiny side of the tape is facing downside. Now fold over two pieces of grass together on joining tape and make sure that there is a 2-3mm gap between them.

Step 4: Apply Artificial Grass Glue

Apply adhesive along the length of edges on both turf pieces and bring two pieces of turf together. Make sure that no piles get buried during the process.

Step 5: Put Weight

Apply some weight along the join to make sure that extra glue gets dispersed, which results in an invisible and seamless joint.

Artificial Grass Joining Tape

The purpose of Artificial grass joining tape is to join two pieces of turf together. One side of this tape has adhesive on it, which should roll on the underside. You can check SunVilla Joining Tape here.

Artificial Grass Glue

Artificial Grass Glue is used on tape to bond two pieces of synthetic grass together. You can check Roberts Adhesive here.

This guide covers how to join artificial grass. If you have any difficulty laying artificial turf, then check our guide How to Install Artificial Grass.

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