Best Artificial Grass for Arizona Heat – The Ultimate UV Stablized Turf Guide

Best Artificial Grass for Arizona Heat

Maintaining a natural lawn can be a challenging task if you are living in a hot climate region such as Arizona. Prolonged dry spells and extreme temperature makes it impossible to grow natural grass in your lawn. Installing Artificial grass for Arizona heat is the right option for you.

When you install artificial grass, you don’t have to worry about dry spells as artificial grass doesn’t require water. Fake grass will help you maintain a natural lawn throughout the year and enhance the look of your living space in this dry, barren region.

Choosing appropriate artificial turf can be a tough decision, especially when you live in a hot climate area. As not all synthetic grass is built to withstand such high temperatures, as a result, it will melt. But don’t worry, we have compiled a list of best artificial grass for Arizona heat that will help you select the best turf for your area of application.

Reviews of Best Artificial Grass for Arizona Heat 2021

Here is the list of artificial grass best suited for Arizona heat that we have reviewed in our article.

highest quality artificial grassAGW RollPile Height: 2"
Weight (OZ): 130
Backing: Polyurethane
Check Price
icustomrugiCustomRugPile Height: 1.25"
Weight (OZ): N/A
Backing: Polyurethane
Check Price
petgrow artificial grassPetgrow Artificial GrassPile Height: 1.37"
Weight (OZ): 70
Backing: Rubber
Check Price

1. Artificial Grass Wholesalers Synthetic Grass

Artificial Grass WholesalersIf you are searching for artificial grass that can survive the extreme temperature of Arizona, then this Artificial Turf from Artificial Grass wholesalers is the best choice for you.

It is made from thatch composition, which is suitable for heavy usage areas and areas that come under extreme heat. Each blade has color variations that give a natural look and make it easy to blend with the surrounding environment.

The Pile height of this grass is 2″, which gives the lush natural look when applied outdoor. With this blade height, you don’t need infill with this grass. Its UV protected and provides extreme protection against snow and intense sunlight.

With 30 days return policy and 15 years warranty, maximum money-back guarantee by any artificial grass manufacturer. It has an excellent drainage system in case you are planning to use its areas other than Arizona.

All these features make this Synthetic grass from Artificial grass wholesalers the best artificial grass for Arizona heat.

  • Pile Height of 2″
  • Suitable for large outdoor areas
  • Gives a Realistic organic look and feel
  • 15 years warranty
  • Only available in large sizes

2. iCustomRug Thick Synthetic Grass

icustomrugiCustomRug is the best option in artificial grass if you live in a hot climate region like Arizona and want to decorate your patio, pool area, or deckings.

Its made from 100% Olefin synthetic material, which is 100% UV stabilized and provides two years of fade warranty and extremely resistant against high temperatures such as Arizona. There is no worry of grass getting melted in extreme temperatures.

Blade height is 1.25″ which gives perfect trimmed down look to cover outer decking. With excellent drainage holes at the bottom, cleaning this grass is very simple with just simple hose.

This artificial grass from iCustomRug is Pet Friendly.

  • Easy Maintenance
  • Fade Warranty
  • Suitable for Extreme Climates
  • Less Suitable for lawns

3. PetGrow Artificial Grass

Petgrow Artificial GrassThis thick Artificial grass from PetGrow is best suited for both indoor and outdoor environments. This High-Density Grass maintains its appearance in a high-temperature environment.

The pile height of 1.37″ with Wit289-tone color gives dense natural thatch look, which makes it look like natural grass.

This artificial grass is made from ultra quality synthetic yarns such as polypropylene and polyethylene, which gives this grass extra durability and protection against high usage and harsh environments.

It has rubber backing with a hole at the back that gives an excellent drainage system, and it can be dry quickly.

This artificial grass from Petgrow comes with 10 years warranty and 315 day return policy.

  • Lush Natural Look
  • High-Quality Synthetic Material
  • 10 Years Warranty
  • Price (But Justify quality)


Getting Artificial grass is a long term investment, and with such extreme temperatures in Arizona, one should install artificial turf that can withstand such temperatures with getting melted or fading. If you are looking to install artificial grass for your lawn, backyard, or any other large area that comes under direct sunlight, then new Artificial Grass Turf by Artificial grass wholesaler is the best option.

However, if you wish to decorate your outdoor patio, deck, or pool area and want to make sure that it survives such heat, then look no further than iCustomRug.

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