Pros and Cons of Artificial Grass

Pros and Cons of Artificial Grass

Installing Artificial Grass can be real fun. Like any other thing, there are several pros and cons of artificial grass that you must consider before deciding whether it’s suitable for you.

So you have to carefully analyze each factor if you are planning to install synthetic grass. These factors vary from one place to another and depend on your area of application.

Here are different pros and cons of Artificial Grass you should keep in mind before getting fake grass.

Pros and Cons of Artificial Grass – Things you must know before buying Artificial Grass

Pros (Advantages of Artificial Grass)

Artificial grass is particularly suitable for worst drought areas with no or significantly less rainfall, and its almost impossible to maintain a natural lawn.

Water Conservation: Since Artificial Turf doesn’t require watering, it’s eco friendly and gives massive savings on the water bill.

Appearance: Nowadays, artificial grass made from high-quality synthetic material with multiple tone blade colors that are UV protected and ensures a lush green lawn throughout the year. Some Artificial Grass has Thatch layer at the bottom, which makes it look like real natural grass.

No Chemical Residue: Unlike natural grass, artificial grass doesn’t require fertilizers or pesticides, so there is no chemical residue on the surface of the grass. You are ensuring Safety for your kids and pets.

Durable: Artificial Grass made from materials that ensure that grass doesn’t fade away or its piles get damaged when it comes under heavy usage. Furthermore, there are different types of artificial grass suitable for their particular area of application, making it more durable.

Long Term Investment: Artificial Grass is a long term investment. Some brands offer warranty periods up to 5-10 years, so imaging cost savings associated with water bills, mowing, and fertilizer, in the long run, is cheaper than maintaining a natural lawn.

Cons (Disadvantages of Artificial Grass)

Here are some Disadvantages of artificial grass, which you should keep in mind before making any decision about installing artificial grass.

Cost: As discussed above, artificial grass reaps benefits in the long term. In the short term, it’s costly to install as compared to natural grass.

Temperature: Although some artificial turfs made for high-temperature areas, most of the synthetic grass brands are not suitable for high temperatures, and grass may even melt when it comes under direct sun.

Safety: Lately, there are some concerns about the materials used in artificial grass backing, making it unsafe for use. There are also reports about players suffering from diseases who played on artificial turf pitches. You can check Artificial Turf Safety Report.

Heat Emission: Artificial grass doesn’t have the natural cooling ability, so when under direct sunlight, it emits heat instead of absorbing.

Artificial Grass vs Real Grass

Here the comparison of artificial grass vs. real grass will show precisely how one grass differs from others in each aspect. It will also help you in deciding which grass is most suitable for you.

Artificial GrassReal Grass
Artificial Grass doesn't require water, so huge savings on the water bill.Real grass requires regular watering.
Artificial grass grows, so no need to mow the lawn.Real grass grows naturally, so regular mowing is required.
Artificial grass emits heat when under the sun making it difficult to walk on it.
Real grass has the natural cooling ability making its cool.
Artificial Grass initial installation Cost is high.
Real grass is very cheap to grow.
Artificial grass gives a Lush green garden in extreme heat areas.Real grass is difficult to maintain in extreme climate regions.
Artificial grass doesn't get stains or dead grass when dogs pee on it.Real grass gets stain or patches of dead grass appears when dog pee on it.



We hope that after reading the pros and cons of artificial grass, you can decide whether you need synthetic grass. If you want to decorate your home with artificial turf, then you can check this artificial grass reviews to select the best artificial grass for yourself.

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